3.02 no more rotate

After update from 2.8 to 3.02 (new build of indexes, because the convert tool also not works on windows) rotating does not working…

[Sat Jun 22 17:55:10.755 2019] [2720] WARNING: rotating index 'tWls': cur to old rename failed: rename d:/sphIndex/tWls.spd to d:/sphIndex/tWls.old.spd failed: Broken pipe

Any ideas?
regards Peter

found the problem…
2.8 preopen = 1 works
3.02 preopen = 1 not works anymore
regards Peter

could you file ticket at Github there put your box OS spec along with config to reproduce this issue?

I’ve just created ticket at Github #247 which you could track to be informed on fix progress

still not work on version 3.2

the issue was fixed at master version commit 5cf6741fd68e4d9c8803aadcf6410c5d3205cbd0 and fix will be released this release. Or you could build your binary from source code on you own.