Backup and Restore of RT index

Is it possible to take backup & restore of RT index .

currently you need to stop daemon and copy folder with RT index or whole data folder (in case of config-less mode)

what if the the RT index or table is dropped,is it possible to recover and restore…?

no, these statements CREATE TABLE \ DROP TABLE \ ALTER TABLE are not recoverable

is it possible to restore with the data folder (RT indexes)…?

yes you can stop daemon buckup data folder then restore it again with daemon stopped

Can the newish ‘import table’ function maybe used for backups? It in effect duplicating an index.

Could perhaps ‘import’ the active RT index, into a new index (either in same daemon, or a second daemon)?

A restore would be dropping the index and importing it again from the backup index.

I guess the problem is the import can’t copy the RAM-Chunk of the index. But can be maybe mitigated by calling (in the original daemon) FLUSH RTINDEX?

Maybe not particularly useful, but could also ‘backup’ jsut the schema with CREATE TABLE … LIKE …