breaking change 3.6.0 sphinxql-parser


we experience a non-documented breaking change after upgrading from version v3.5.4 to v3.6.0.

we have column-name aliases that may contain a colon for api-parsing like:

select id AS myname:myval from dual limit 10;
which results in:
ERROR 1064 (42000): sphinxql: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting FROM or ‘,’ near ':myval from dual limit 10’

the same query worked in former versions including previous v3.5.4.

Is this a bug in sphinxql-parser or the new language-standard?

thank you in advance,


could you create a ticket at Github?

There was a fix 3f05c4708b03b548512e94e07cd6c02c60bd8b43 to support such form j.`bo:a` for JSON locator and it could break the form of locator you use as behavior presented by you is not common.