HTTP requests rejected since 3.0 -> 3.1 upgrade

Hi all,

We are building an app which queries our local Manticore server via HTTP. This has been working very well for months.

An example of a URL our app will use to query Manticore is:

http://it-sphinx-server:9380/sql?mode=raw&query=SELECT vendor_id,weight() AS weight, rank_status, rank_quality, rank_status_description, rank_quality_description, rating FROM idx_masdatavendors,idx_masdatavendorbrands,idx_masdatavendorcategories GROUP BY vendor_id ORDER BY weight DESC LIMIT 0, 20 OPTION max_matches=1000;

We were using our app this morning extensively, and all was well.

We’ve just upgraded from Manticore 3.0 to 3.1, as the app is due to go live soon, sowanted to ensure we’re using the latest version. Now, the HTTP queries are failing! :frowning:

Our app (Python) returns this when attempting to connect:

requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: (‘Connection aborted.’, RemoteDisconnected(‘Remote end closed connection without response’,))

If I try to browse to the URL from a standard browser, I receive:

The server (CentOS7) which runs Manticore, shows the HTTP port open:

A tcpdump also shows the requests on port 9380 hitting the Manticore server.

The searchd section of our /etc/sphinx/sphinx.conf file looks unchanged (been like this for months):

Has something happened or changed since 3.0?

Can someone suggest what has happened, and/or how we can get this working again please?

Thank you!

This is what we get if we try the query from the CLI on the Manticore box itself:

Still works fine via the pseudo mysql client:

But we really need the HTTP access working again :frowning:

You might be affected by a bug that was fixed after 3.1 release :

Compile latest master or 3.1.0 branch and see if still reproduces.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the reply.

We have found that downgrading to 3.0 instantly fixes the issue, so what we’ll do for now is just stay on 3.0 and re-test when the next official release is out :slight_smile: