Indexing error "WARNING: invalid number "..." 0 assumed"

My mysql table is 3 text fields, when i try to index it in Manticore with sql_field_string for my 3 fields. I do indexer --rotate myindex,
I have an error :

WARNING: invalid number “sambapeuzzi_officiel”, 0 assumed, i dont understand why i have that error.

Can someone help me?
for the declaration : i used,

sql_query		= \
sql_field_string =  FOLLOWED_BY
sql_field_string =  FOLLOWING
sql_field_string =  REF_ID

Take care

Hi @johna . 1st column sql_query returns must be id. In your case it’s FOLLOWED_BY and it’s a string attribute, not id.

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BTW we have an interactive course about indexing from mysql Manticore Search - Indexing data from MySQL example

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thanks !
So you mean, now every table have to contain as the first column an id ( a number). is there a way to deactivate this feature ?

you can not issue plain indexing WO this restriction as documentation said

However you could create RT index and put data there in any appropriate format that you will set in INSERT \ REPLACE requests

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Thanks guys,
Indexing process is working perfectly with id number field.
take care