MVA and fulltext - is it possible?

is tha way how to fulltext search in JSON MVA? I have indexed tag/keywords and i want in result only exact results.
cast - list of all actors, but as text - sql_attr_string
tag - is cast, but in JSON sql_attr_json with data like: ["Keanu Reeves", "Laurence Fishburne", "Carrie-Anne Moss", "Hugo Weaving", "Gloria Foster", "Joe Pantoliano"]

  • when user is entered “Joe Reeves” and expression is: WHERE match(@cast Joe Reeves) - result is false positive, because there is no actor with name "Joe Reeves"

  • when user is entered “Reeves Keanu” expression is: WHERE tag='Reeves Keanu' and match('@cast Reeves Keanu') - nothing is found, because name and surename is in wrong order

what is best way to search only Keanu Reeves in cast?

You can use the SENTENCE operator. You need to enable sentence detection first with index_sp=1 (and reindex).

Put the cast in a fulltext field with the names as sentences, like

Keanu Reeves. Laurence Fishburne. Carrie-Anne Moss. Hugo Weaving. Gloria Foster. Joe Pantoliano

To search do

WHERE MATCH(’@castfts Keeves SENTENCE Keanu’)

Fulltext search operates only on fulltext fields. On sql_attr_string (or strings inside a JSON) you can only do string equality comparison.

Thx, it is working, but all names must start with Upper char. (