Start Searchd as a system service

Old docs and new only mention:

you can start searchd server:
systemctl start manticore
To enable Manticore at boot:
systemctl enable manticore`

But I could not find in Docs what should be written in the manticore.service file. I have tried to come up with my own idea but I guess it is not completely correct:

Description=Manticore Searchd Service

ExecStart=/usr/local/manticore/usr/bin/searchd --config /usr/local/manticore/etc/manticoresearch/manticore.conf


Unless I have missed that in the docs and would appreciate a link there. If not - a link to service file creation instruction would be beneficial for many users building from source.

Here’s RPM service file template

Here’s DEB service file template

Thank you. Those links in the Docs would be useful too.