4GB index size limit for string/JSON fields


do you plan removal of the 4GB index size limit for string/JSON fields?

currently one either has to slim the index down or shard it.


yes, it will happen in future, I can’t say for now when, it’s a ‘hot topic’ for devs and there hasn’t been yet decided on the approach to do it.
It won’t get for sure into the first featured release (which will be released soon).

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That issue is in progress. We are trying couple of cases how to fix this issue along with improving such storage.
You also might create ticket at tracker and get notified when it got closed.

It also worth to provide collection of documents with JSON that exceed 4GB limit and you shard it along with queries stream these use JSON attributes. It helps to measure changes of performance and indexes size.

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Hello, just let you know you can check the progress of the issue here https://github.com/manticoresoftware/manticoresearch/issues/6 We’re planning to finish it at March.

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any news about the 4gb Limit?
regards Peter

for the record. the limit was removed in May 2019 - starting from the 3.0 release.