Anyway to disable Query Cache for one query

Is there a way to have a particular query skip the Query Cache?

I want to do some performance testing of a live manticore instance, so don’t want to turn the cache off totally. Just for specific queries.

equivalent of SQL_NO_CACHE in mysql.

now there is no such option - only full-scan query passed by query-cache

You could create feature request at the Github to add query option to disable caching for particular query.

ok thanks for confirming.

Do notice the docs say

  • The full-text part within MATCH() must be a bytewise match. Add a single extra space, and that is now a different query where the query cache is concerned.

… so could just add arbitrary/random number of spaces to the query. In theory it shouldnt change the performance of executing the query. (maybe a miniscule amunt in query parsing etc)