Associating metadata on a sentence/word level

this might seem like a basic question, but I have never really worked with Manticore before and am currently wondering whether it fits my use case:
I want to make a collection of audio transcripts searchable, where each sentence (or subordinate clause) is associated with a timestamp. Is it possible to index the transcripts in such a way that Manticore will also return the corresponding timestamp together with the search result?

I considered indexing each sentence as an individual document, but that seems somewhat inefficient and probably would decrease the search quality.

you could use packedfactors expression along the full text match and min_hit_pos factor from it as described at Manticore Search Manual: Searching > Sorting and ranking to get the start of the matched sentence as term index

this way you could get tuple (document, term position) that you could map to timestamp of your collection