ATTACH index with phrase_boundary_step

I have plain index with phrase_boundary_step = 1000
And i have similar RT index also with phrase_boundary_step = 1000

And when i call
attach index prod_v2_plain to rtindex prod_v2 with truncate
i get error
ERROR 1064 (42000): ATTACH currently requires boundary_step=0 in disk index (RT-side support not implemented yet)

But RT index works as expected with phrase_boundary_step if i fill it via SQL. So, it is implemented on RT-side.
I’m not sure, buy may be it is already possible to attach such indexes?

For those who can watch the case progress Github link is

#168 is about hanging.
As for the ERROR 1064 -@drewblin can you please create another issue for that? Looks like a bug, perhaps it’s already possible, but just the condition is left. We’ll need to check it.

Thanks for reply. I’ve created issue