Autoincrement ID for real-time indexes

Is there a way to autoincrement or auto-sequence the ID column for real-time indexes? I’m looking to insert records into a real-time index from multiple sources and unless I can autoincrement the ID, I will have to synchronize these sources in order to prevent collisions on ID values? I’m looking for something like:

index mxrt
	type			= rt

	rt_field		= content
	rt_attr_string		= object
	rt_attr_bigint		= gid

INSERT INTO mxrt (content, object, gid) VALUES ('Some content', 'SOME_OBJECT', 1);

And manticore would then automatically assign a valid ID. Currently, without specifying the ID column, you get:

ERROR 1064 (42000): column list must contain an 'id' column

currently there is no way to set autoincrement ID for RT index. However you might create feature request ticket at github and be informed on issue progress.

I created a new issue on Github ( I couldn’t figure out how to apply the “feature request” label to it, is that something only moderators can apply?