Build and rotate indexes on remote servers

I have the following server setup:

  • web_server_1
  • web_server_2
  • manticore_server_1
  • manticore_server_2

How do I run the indexers of the manticore servers from any web server? The web servers will have a kind of script that will manage the building of indexes. I’m kind of lost how to run the indexers without programming some kind of SSH. Is there any other way than creating a SSH script?

There’s no HTTP or SQL or any other TCP-based interface to run indexer remotely, so you need to go there and run it.

ssh manticore_server_1 indexer ... doesn’t seem to be too difficult.

Alternatively you can use RT indexes and just do INSERT INTO ... remotely via SQL over mysql, SQL over HTTO, JSON over HTTP or our new PHP client (