Combining SENTENCE operator with OR and/or NEAR operator

I have a couple of questions regarding the SENTENCE operator:

  1. Is it possible to combine the SENTENCE operator with the OR operator? I am specifically looking to perform searches similar to the following:
    (good|great) SENTENCE (employee|employees)

When I run this query in Manticore Search, I get a “syntax error, unexpected TOK_SENTENCE”.

I am, however, able to successfully run the following query, but writing these types of queries is a lot more time-consuming and error-prone, especially as the number of | operators increases and the fact that we often deal with much more complicated queries.
(good SENTENCE employee)|(good SENTENCE employees)|(great SENTENCE employee)|(great SENTENCE employees)

  1. A similar question relates to searching within a sentence while applying the proximity operator. Something along the lines of: (which currently generates a syntax error)
    good SENTENCE NEAR/5 job

Any help/guidance/comments regarding this would be greatly appreciated

for now you can not mix complex operators or put OR inside sentence as SENTENCE works only with terms