I am trying to integrate Manticore in my Java back-end, using the MySQL Connector/J to
connect to it, but get the following error:
java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: CLIENT_PLUGIN_AUTH is required

on the line:
conn =
Packet=512000”, “”, “”);

Manticore version 2.8.0
MySQL version 8.0.11
Connector/J version 8.0.11

I have tried many suggestions such as:
mysql_version_string = 5.5.21 (and other version numbers)
adding “&useSSL=false” to the jdbc URL
adding “&useUnicode=true” to the jdbc URL
trying sphinx search instead
the combinations thereof (and many other things)

Please note that running everything in the command line works fine (i.e., connecting to
manticore using “mysql -P9306” and sending SphinxQL commands). Additionally, I don’t think
that downgrading JDBC connector would work since I still need to connect to MySQL 8.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


For connector 6.x and 8.x there’s an issue in the handshake protocol, I’ve opened an internal ticket about it.
On connector 5. if you get an error about ‘wait_timeout’ set mysql_version_string = 5.0.0.
MySQL8 use a newer auth plugin, but 5.x should work if you use ‘mysql_native_password’