Creating a New Real Time Index

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a little while since I’ve used Manticore and I forgot a few things that are probably trivial for most of you who use it on a regular basis. I was checking the forum to see if there was an example but could not find one.

When creating a new index/table using the mysql cli, can you set max_packet_size, max_batch_queries, etc… from the create table idx command? Or do I need to create a config file and have that information placed in the config?

In order to get a more custom configuration/setup, is it better to use a config file or can you achieve the same thing while running the create query?

max_packet_size and max_batch_queries is not related to table \ index as these are searchd option and at RT mode all searchd option located at regular manticore.conf file as described in our documentation

@tomat Thank you for the response. I will look at the link and go from there.