Custom Morphology and Metaphone

We use Morphology when users search for a person in our person database. But as a lot of the names are non-english, the Metaphone and Soundex algorithms are not always producing the required result.

Is there a way to add additional or custom Morphology algorithms, eg a customized version of Soundex?

we released new morph processor icu - could you look at custom collation feature of icu library to make sure is it fits your need

I am not sure I understand your reply. Are you saying ICU can be used to create a plugin or UDF for Manticore?

I have read some of the ICU documentation and it seems to me like ICU is more designed to deal with internationalization aspects of text.

The problem I am having is not with character sets, but with the algorithm used in the standard Soundex and Metaphone which are optimised for the English language, not for African Names.

you could use ICU also for custom segmentation or create custom UDF for index time or query time to segment text on your own

Can the logic you want be written with help of ? It can then be integrated with Manticore Search.

Thank you for the feedback. Will investigate the options proposed.