ERROR 1064 (42000): unknown local index(es) in search request

Please help! I am currently using Manticore 3.4.2 in ubuntu/bionic64

I have distributed, template and plain indexes. All of them passed indextool --check. indextool --checkconfig also passed. indexer --rotate --all --sighup-each also successful.

But upon entering mysql -h0 -P9306 to select from the indexes, I got an error saying ERROR 1064 (42000): unknown local index(es) *index_name* in search request

What do you think is wrong?

seems there is no such index at your daemon. Could you check the output of SHOW tables SphinxQL statement?

only the template indexes were returned.

then you need to look at your searchd.log and figure our why all other indexes were not loaded

Did you manage to fix this issue? I’m having the same issue, created indexes successfully but can’t find the index when searching.

@Hadi_Sharghi pls show your searchd log

I can only assume that you started the searchd with no indexes, then updated the config file and built the index (indexer w/o --rotate). In this case to make the index appear in the searchd you can:

  • rebuild the index with indexer --rotate
  • call RELOAD INDEXES via the sql interface
  • restart the searchd