Error during connect MariaDB -> Manticore

Hi all

I am running Manticore over Docker from original source (without modification), populate out its ports: 9306,9312,9308 and running MariaDB over Docker from its original source without modification (10.3.27). Both services are connected over bridge network. I’m pretty sure the interconnect works, because from the shell of the mysql container I can connect to the manticore container and run the query. And from web browser I am can connect to: localhost:9312 (the answer is: {“error”: “/ - unsupported endpoint”}).

The query table is created in mysql without error, I followed the manual Sphinx 2.2.11-release reference manual see paragraph 10.3. (end of table: engine = SPHINX CONNECTION = “sphinx: // manticore: 9312 / *”).

But this query:

SELECT * FROM testproduct WHERE query='test;mode=any';

will generate this error:

ERROR 1429 (HY000): Unable to connect to foreign data source: failed to receive searchd version (host=manticore, port=9312)

What’s wrong with me?


Use listen = ...:sphinx . See Manticore Search Manual: Server settings > Searchd

It works, thank you very much!