Error during creating table for KNN search

I’m executing this code using pymanticore:

query ='create table test_vector ( title text, image_vector float_vector knn_type=\'hnsw\' knn_dims=\'300\' hnsw_similarity=\'L2\')'
create = manticore.UtilsApi.sql(query)

and getting this error:

[{‘error’: “P03: expected ‘id’, got ‘image_vector’ near ‘float_vector knn_type=‘hnsw’ knn_dims=‘300’ hnsw_similarity=‘L2’)’”, ‘total’: 0, ‘warning’: ‘’}]

How can I fix it?

What’s the Manticore version? KNN is available only in the dev packages yet - Manticore Search Manual

I’m not using dev packages. Thanks!!