Error occurs when using max_matches

We have two nodes in cluster. After creating a cluster and adding empty indexes to it, everything works well. However, after one index is filled, we get the following error:

mysql> SELECT un_sku_id FROM sku OPTION max_matches = 1;
ERROR 1064 (42000): unknown option ‘max_matches’ (or bad argument type)

The error occurs only on the first node. The second node returns proper results for this query. It happens when using version 3.5.2. With version 3.5.0 everything works properly.

Can you make a step-by-step scenario that reproduces this and open a ticket on github? I just tried on our replication course ( and I can’t reproduce it.

Unfortunately, the only way to reproduce it is to provide you SQL dump with ~400.000 insert queries, but this is sensitive data. We have no idea after which of these queries the problem occurs. The only thing we know is that the problem is not reproduced on an empty index.

It’s OK for us to stay at 3.5.0, if there is no other way to investigate the issue.

could you provide output of desc sku and show index sku status commands after error happens?

If you have debugger onboard and installed debug symbols package for release, you can provide backtrace to us.
That is most probably from searchdsql.cpp line 532. If you set breakpoint there (after attaching to running instance with gdb), and then reproduce the error (so that breakpoint will be hit), you can issue command ‘where’ and attach the output (of course, you can check if that output doesn’t contains your sensitive data).

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to provide this information at the moment as long as we downgraded to version 3.5.0. If we upgrade Manticore in the future and experience the same problem, we will provide you with the necessary information then.

Thank you!