Escaping Characters While Inserting Bulk Data (RT Index)

Hi Everyone,

I was inserting a JSON object that has an array of strings property which is causing me some trouble while inserting. I was wondering if there is a built in utility or something that will escape all characters before insert. I’m going through a huge database and moving data over to manticore to show my team what we get if we move the data into manticore. If you have any suggestions please let me know and thank you!

Hi @hatemjaber . Can you please elaborate more on the trouble? Best if you provide an example of the JSON object and what error you are getting.
In general any existing json encoding tool should do, e.g. , but it also depends on how you are inserting data: via HTTP, mysql, using some client etc. Then some additional escaping may be required.
There’s no generic tool which covers all the cases.

Hi Sergey, I figured out the problem; I found some apostrophe’s in the data and it was throwing manticore off. I fixed the issue and everything seems to work now. I’ll let you know if I run into other issues.