Facet multi-level grouping using http JSON protocol with manticoresearch-php

Hello all,
according to docs here Facet over multi-level grouping we can use multi-level grouping like

FACET name,manufacturer

How can i use multi-level grouping with manticoresearch-php API?
I’ve done some test and query gives me error when used with search.php


Does someone know how to use or what method in manticoresearch-php should i use for multi-level grouping in FACET?


Composite aggregation wasn’t possible via the JSON interface (which the PHP client utilizes) until recently. Here’s a task to include it in the PHP client - Composite aggregation · Issue #204 · manticoresoftware/manticoresearch-php · GitHub

Meanwhile you can use the sql() function of the client and an SQL query like in the example Manticore Search Manual: Searching > Grouping

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