fulltext match problem with phrases

I have indexed Manticore with min_word_len=2. I understand it won’t be indexing words shorted than two characters, but why can Manticore not search phrases with it? E.g. “w wieczności” will search tekst “wieczności” but not the string “w wieczności”. Is it a bug? I expected it to work like in the standard MySQL "select… where field LIKE ‘%w wieczności%’, but “select …where match(‘w wieczności’)” does not work that way, it works rather like "field LIKE ‘%wieczności%’ "

it could be a bug related to your data as for me it works well

index test
	min_word_len	= 3

SELECT id, weight() FROM test WHERE MATCH('"a office"') ORDER BY weight() desc; show meta;
	id	weight()
	3	1557
	4	1557

show meta /* result 2 of previous multistatement */;
	Variable_name	Value
	total	2
	total_found	2
	total_relation	eq
	keyword[0]	office
	docs[0]	2
	hits[0]	2

it could be better to provide reproducible example