GUI for manticore

What kind of GUI (preferable for Windows) are you using for writing/testing queries for Manticore? For queries to MySQL, I use a tool from Devart (dbForge), but this tool has a problem with the connection to Manticore (The tool sends some SQL commands for detection of the configuration of MySql and the commands are not valid in Manticore MySQL engine and the connection fail). I have the same problem even with the official tool from MySql - MySql Workbench.

Please create feature requests for supporting these tools on GitHub with detailed explanations of the problems (perhaps attach some screenshots). We are now adding integrations for various things (e.g. mysqldump) and most likely will be able to add the new integrations too.

I personally use command line clients only (standard mysql/mariadb clients).

Thanks, Sergey. I sent there a feature request and screenshots.

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A long time ago I built this
Somewhat modeled after PHPMyAdmin

It’s a minimalist frontend for SphinxSerach, I still use it sometimes with ManticoreSearch. Works well for testing ‘SELECT’ queries.

I still mostly have disk indexes, so support for editing RT indexes in minimal at best, and some not implemented. Doesnt currently have anything for the newer ‘RT’ mode, eg creating tables on on the fly, nor cluster commands.

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