High Availability

@adrian @Sergey @tomat
Hi there,
I would like to go for high availability solution ,which one would you suggest.
Type of index used currently- plain
Datasource - MySQL
OS - Ubuntu 18

The key thing in any HA is data redundancy and replication. Manticore doesn’t provide replication for plain indexes out of the box, so you need to implement it yourself. Read our old article https://manticoresearch.com/2018/02/26/plain-indexes-replication/ about it.

After that just create a distributed index with mirroring pointing to the both (or more) locations and you should be done.

Alternatively consider migrating to RT indexes, then you can use built-in replication. It overall may be easier than the implementation of production grade plain indexes replication.

Is it possible to replicate the MySQL data to manticore…?

Yes, but not using mysql raw/statement based replication, i.e. not sure it can be called “replication”, but after all:

  • you will have the same data you have in mysql in Manticore
  • when you update/delete smth in mysql it will be reflected with Manticore

Take this course https://play.manticoresearch.com/maindelta/ to understand how it might work.