High CPU usage and growing with latest 2.7.2

I just upgraded to Manticore 2.7.2 and noticed a huge increase in CPU usage (which keep growing and eventually locks up the server…).

I started playing with: workers and dist_threads options but problem is still occurring.

After some investigation and suggestions from Sergey it seems the problem is related to snippet()

Problem is also happening with 2.6.4

After removing snippet() from the query everything works fine, most definitely a bug as it was working finr with previous versions.

Anyone had similar problems ?

Hi. Can you try 2.7.3 and play with https://docs.manticoresearch.com/latest/html/conf_options_reference/searchd_program_configuration_options.html#net-wait-tm + workers=thread_pool?
If you still have the problem after this pls let us know more about your configuration.