How should a DESCRIBE on a percolate index show?

Starting to ramp up using Percolate queries for the first time, and noticed an inconsistency.

You define all the fields (and attributes) in the percolate index in the .conf file,

But then when run a ‘DESCRIBE’ on the index just get the ‘id’, ‘query’, ‘tags’, ‘filters’ columns, in many ways this makes sense, as that is surely what the PQ index must contain. It a list of queries.

sphinxQL>describe pq1;
| Field   | Type   | Properties |
| id      | bigint |            |
| query   | string |            |
| tags    | string |            |
| filters | string |            |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

The same columns get from CALL PQ (if 1 as query anyway!)

seems to say the a DESCRIBE would show all the fields/attributes defined in the config file, and saying would see them after issuing a ‘RECONFIGURE’ command.

This doesn’t seem to be the case. I assume its the documentation is wrong.

And as such there isn’t a ‘runtime’ command to see what the fields defined in the percolate index
Do seem to get an error if use unknown fields,

>insert into pq1 (query) values ('@newfield testing');
ERROR 1064 (42000): query error: no field 'newfield' found in schema

But seems like config file would be the only way to know, but then you don’t know if RECONFIGURE was called.


as said in our docs

If you’re looking for an expected document schema use DESC <pq index name> table


Yes, had missed the DESC <pq index name> TABLE syntax.

I’ve submitted a Pull-Request to fix the docs :slight_smile:

i think the right examples are already in the docs as describe show general schema for index and for all pq index the schema is the same but desc table shows internal schema that could vary for different pq indexes.

And we also will release new documentation with new structure and this will be achieved not sure it is worth to change current documentation