how to disable cache

Manticore 6.2.12 dc5144d35@230822 (columnar 2.2.4 5aec342@230822) (secondary 2.2.4 5aec342@230822)

I read this Manticore Search Manual: Searching > Query cache
I ran these
SET GLOBAL qcache_max_bytes=0;
SET GLOBAL qcache_ttl_sec=0;
And SHOW STATUS LIKE ‘qcache%’; shows them correctly as 0.

However, when I run the same query twice, the second time is much faster (first is 10s, second is 0,2s).

How can i really disable cache (without restart)?

You did all right. It may be OS cache then. Here’s how you can reset it - How to clear the buffer/pagecache (disk cache) under Linux – The Geek Diary

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