Implementing synonyms

I need to implement multi words synonyms, for example:

‘Lepirudin’ is equivalent to ‘Hirudin variant-1’
‘Lepirudin’ is equivalent to ‘Lepirudin recombinant’

wordforms do not work with multi-word sentences and I am also getting a warning when I use blended chars, are there any other ways to implement this ?

Basically what I would like is that searches for: ‘Lepirudin’ , ‘Hirudin variant-1’ or ‘Lepirudin recombinant’ would be considered equivalent and produce the same results.

Any ideas ?


wordforms works well with multiple tokens either at left or at right part of wordform description

You could safely enumerate all variants of Lepirudin to single form of Lepirudin, ie should work well

Hirudin variant-1 > Lepirudin
Lepirudin recombinant > Lepirudin