indexer or indexer rotate sync up

Hello, your help to understand Manticore search since the information in the manual is confusing for me as I do not speak the language and need a translator,
I have a plain table when doing the indexer --rotate it indexes all the data, however when doing an indexer it simply gives me an error saying that the .spl file is being used, so I have to do an indexer rotate again so that it is keep the table updated, I think this is not correct since the indexing of this table takes 9 hours each time, so I don’t understand that the first time it is supposed to index everything and the following times it would only do it the new thing, that is, incrementally. For every time I do the indexer --rotate do I have the same delay time? Please help.


indexer without --rotate should fail immedialy if it can’t lock the .spl file. Also, you can always run just indexer --rotate. If it can send a signal to the searchd to rotate the table - it’ll do it, if it can’t - you’ll still have the table files and won’t need to spend 9 hours rebuilding the table again.