Indexing compound word parts

i’m currently evaluating manticore for my company. As far as i got the it seems pretty good and straight forward. But i got stuck with the simple add document example.
In the example there is a document added with a title containing the word ‘microfiber’. But if i search for ‘micro’ or ‘fiber’ i got no results. All i found in this matter is the wordbreaker app, but this is a console app (which might be useful).
So what is the standard way to get compound words indexed with all the parts? Do i have to create my own dict.txt? Any hint or help appreciated.

you might enable infixes at index definition then use wildcards at search.
As usually you search for whole words but you might use wildcards or any extended syntax to get more results

Thanks for the reply, setting min_infix_len to 3 did the job for now.