Is there a way to find when index last modifed?

For the disk chunks of a RT index can just look at the modification time of the index files.

(Hopefully the FROM index.files will include a modification time column at some point. Tempted to try coding that myself Missing documentation for ` select * from idx.files` · Issue #830 · manticoresoftware/manticoresearch · GitHub - but there is no function in fileutils.cpp to get the modification time. Seems fairly easy to create one, as long as make sure convert the st_mtime value to compatible type. Apparently its of type time_t, tehre is a PutNumAsString ( DWORD uVal ) so could convert time_t to DWORD i guess. )

… anyway, the main question was really about he RAM chunk(/segments), just calling ‘FLUSH RTINDEX’ doesn’t seem like will help, it will update the .ram, but it seems will just dump everything regardless if there has been any actual updates.

Actually thinking of this in context of incremental backups. Moving to using RT indexes, which need to figure out backups for.

Suppose per-index binlog · Issue #879 · manticoresoftware/manticoresearch · GitHub might help, in that can check the modification time of the binlog?

I guess would have look at the tid value in show index status? Does that get reset (during flush?) and could it wraparound?
I think it utimately int64_t iTID ? So will eventually wrap, but as 64bit, will be a long time!

RT index already has m_iSavedTID along with m_tmSaved these got updated on every RAM flush or RAM save into disk chunk from m_iSavedTID = m_iTID;

It also already got dumped at SHOW INDEX STATUS as tid and tid_saved