Is there any way to make the indexer ignore "WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!"


I noticed many warnings like

WARNING: word overrun buffer, clipped!!!
clipped (len=126, word='𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛

                                                        original (len=128, word='𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛𐨛')

This from what I know simply means the length of text without spacing is over 127 is clipped.
However, as our index is pretty large, these warnings are annoying especially when debugging output.

Is there anyway to get the indexer to ignore such warnings and not output them?

Thank you.