Issue proxing request to /bulk http endpoint

Hi, I have manticore version 6.0.2 installed on an ubuntu server via apt, everything so far is working but every time I send POST requests to the /bulk endpoint I get the 400 error message that Content-Type must be set.

I am using envoyproxy to route requests to my manticore instance, both applications are on the same server. I have checked to verify that envoyproxy does send a Content-Type in the routed request to manticore.

One thing to note is that when I SSH into the server and send requests to the /bulk endpoint via curl I don’t get this error. I am having trouble getting to the root cause of this behavior.

the issue might be that proxy set Content-Type field name into lowercase that was not handled by 602-release properly and was fixed at the master version - you could try the recent package from the dev repo. Also that fix will be released at 604-release

you could try the recent package from the dev repo

Thanks for your prompt response, I just want to confirm that all I need to do is to follow the steps below to Install development package?

yes it should be enough