Lemmatize in different Languages

Hey dear Manticore Team and Forum Members,

is there anywhere a source where I can find lemmatize for different languages? As I mention Manticore official offers only German,Russian, (Ukraine) and English.

It would be nice if anyone of you could help me :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


we using AOT lemmatizer from http://www.aot.ru and added recently Ukrainian Lemmatizer https://github.com/manticoresoftware/lemmatizer-uk via Pymorphy2 module.

You could ask AOT team for help or try to find another python module that could be integrated

Right, the easiest option is probably to adapt https://github.com/manticoresoftware/lemmatizer-uk to another language by just using an existing python-based lemmatizer or integrate it with something like Python | Lemmatization with NLTK - GeeksforGeeks so lots of different lemmatizers get available. We’ll be glad to incorporate it into our docs if someone does it and can provide help from Manticore Search’s side if someone is ready to maintain this project.

Hey @tomat and @Sergey,

thank you so much for your help :grin: