Manticore Search 3.3.0

Manticore Search 3.3.0 has been released.

Searches in Real-Time indexes can be multi-threaded if dist_threads>1. If the RT index has multiple chunks, setting dist_threads>1 will launch parallel threads to search over the disk chunks. This can overcome the slowness created by disk chunks (as until now one thread was searching over the chunks one by one).

This release come with an alpha version of CREATE/DROP TABLE. If requires the data_dir path set and the configuration to have no indexes/sources defined. Please note that this feature is very experimental and may suffer changes (reason why it’s not documented yet). However we appreciate beta-testing of it.

EXPLAIN QUERY - gives the output of SHOW PLAN without running the actual query. It can be used to see how the search tree of a match query looks (also it works on empty indexes and even template index).

Indexer has a new option --print-rt - it dumps the data from a source as INSERTs statements for a RT index. The dump also output the mapping of data structure as RT fields/attributes.

We are now using Snowball 2.0 stemmer (until now we had 1.0 which was pretty old). This extends the stemmers list to about 25.

SHOW INDEX STATUS has now a LIKE filter.
Percolate Queries are now lockes: long CALL PQ don’t block anymore updates to percolate index and vice versa.
An important memory usage improvement made to distributed queries with high max_matches.
Some fixes to HIGHLIGHT() function, docstore and RT indexes (in some cases RT was creating lot of tiny disk chunks)