Manticore Search 3.4.0

Manticore Search 3.4.0 has been released.

Manage your indexes online with no need to edit the config

Previously in 3.3.0 we mentioned CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE were in the alpha stage. In this release we are announcing that:

Commands and the related functionality, in general, are ready to be used in your application.

New PHP client

We are glad to bring you the new official PHP client for Manticore Search.

New Docker image

Stored only fields

You can now have fields that are stored, but not full-text indexed

CAUTION: Full-text fields are “stored” by default for Real-time indexes now.

Most languages are tokenized fine by default now.

All SQL sentences are now supported over HTTP.

CAUTION: Since 3.4.0 replication can’t be mixed with in-config schemas of indexes.​

COVID-19 pandemic

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