Manticore Search 3.5.0 Windows/64 search mutch slower

I have a lot of timeouts with the new version 3.5 Windows/64.

It’s possible that the new threading not work on windows? I also see, the cpu usage on querys is mutch less than before…

Not nice… because the change back is very strong if i have to make all indexes new ;-(

regards Peter


  1. Have you made any updates to your configuration (section searchd)? Can you post it here?
  2. What kind of queries are slower? Can you provide a query log for before and after the upgrade?

make some modifications eg:
max_matches from 1000 to 100
max_query_time=2000 removed

set a threads to 24 (before dist_threads=24)
I have a large distributed index with 23 local indexes.

Since a couple of days no timeouts …

regards Peter

Help says it use all threads on machine - but this mine only physical cores, no hyper threaded cores. With no setting for threads i got max 16 threads on seaching (show with SHOW THREADS). If i set threads to 28 i got 28 threads.

regards Peter