Manticore Search 4.2.0

Manticore Search 4.2.0 is now generally available with:

  • Full pseudo-sharding support for N times lower response time in many cases (see below)
  • Debian Bullseye support
  • Atomic PQ transactions
  • Adaptive rt_mem_limit
  • 20+ bugfixes, including two major fixes

Read more in our blogpost

The new packages are here

About pseudo-sharding:

In previous release (4.0.2) we added limited pseudo sharding support. Starting from this version you can get all benefits of the pseudo sharding and your multi-core processor by just enabling searchd.pseudo_sharding. The coolest thing is that you don’t need to do anything with your indexes or queries for that, just enable it and if you have free CPU it will be used to lower your response time. It supports plain and real-time indexes for full-text, filtering and analytical queries. For example, here is how enabling pseudo sharding can make most queries’ response time in average about 10x lower on Hacker news curated comments dataset multiplied 100 times (116 million docs in a plain index).

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