Manticore Search for Chinese


If I want to use Manticore Search for Chinese text searching, what should I do?

I did a search on the Internet trying to find an answer, and came upon the following two articles,

Which are basically the same, stressing the difficulties, but also showing that it is possible.

So the problem is, how can I make it happen on my end?


Ok. it has built-in support –

To enable CJK tokenization support the official packages contain binaries with embedded ICU library and include ICU data file.

Manticore has built-in support for indexing CJK texts

Hmm…, however, I’m having problem make my mysql accept the Chinese I pasted in.
But I guess that’s a mysql problem…

When I type or paste Chinese characters in mysql client, the Chinese characters are not inputed.

Reported in year 2015, and yet still not solved…