match document IDs?

I need to search for documents matching certain filters, and with either a set of document ids or yet more filters. So lets say match all documents with “spain” in their title, but also “europe” in the continent field, or having a doc id of 1, 2 or three. Is this possible. MATCH does not seem to accept the @id field. Something like below. Of

SELECT * FROM things
WHERE MATCH('@title spain (@continent europe | (@id 1 | 2 | 3)"')

I also tried the one below, but it seems only one MATCH is allowed.

SELECT * FROM things
	MATCH('@continent europe @title spain') OR
		MATCH('@title spain') AND
		id IN (1, 2, 3)

you can have only one match statement and could combine the match statement only via AND with the filters and only filter could access attributes, ie

  • you can not access attributes in the full text match part
  • you can not access full-text field in the filters
  • you can not combine match with filters via OR
  • you can not nest match and filter groups inside each other