Match with space 10x slower

Manticore 6.0.4

I have these queries:

SELECT 1 FROM index WHERE MATCH(‘BinnendienstMedewerker’)

SELECT 1 FROM index WHERE MATCH(‘Binnendienst Medewerker’)

Why is there such a large difference in speed when using a space? We have the same issue when using OR.

Is this behavior as expected?

Because BinnendienstMedewerker is a single token while Binnendienst Medewerker are two tokens. When you search by 2 tokens, Manticore has to find their documents and calculate the intersection between the lists in case of AND or union in case of OR. Intersection takes time, ranking of longer list of documents in case of OR also takes time. The more documents each token is found in, the longer it may take.

You can try a fresh dev version which includes some full-text performance optimizations. Also, check if you have pseudo sharding enabled.

thx, enabling pseudo sharding was about 20-30% extra.