New stored_fields


what exactly is the difference between stored_fields and sql_field_string

regards Peter

sql_field_string is same as ful text field indexed plus regular string attribute that daemon keeps in memory or get mmaped into memory. You could also filter \ group by \ sort on it or calc different string expressions on it.

stored_fields is packed source data that daemon keeps on disk and fetches only part of it only for send back to client or will make highlight on it soon. You CAN NOT filter \ group by \ sort or calc different string expressions on that data.
It could be usefull to store source data as stored_fields in case you need it at client and do not want to fetch it from original DB.
It also does not consume daemon memory compared to string attributes.
It also better than string attribute or original source data as stored_fields stored on disk packed with lz4 compression and take less disk space.

many thanks for your explanation!
sounds very interesting :wink:
regards Peter

Just FYI: article about docstore -