Queries taking 5+ sec, how to debug?

Our PHP log shows a lot of slow requests, which are direct queries on manticore via mysqli_query().
This function call takes 5+ seconds.

There is nothing in the manticore logs. Is there any way to debug to know what could be the bottleneck here?

These documentation sections may be helpful:

Other than that what helps a lot usually is:

  • identifying a slow query
  • making sure it’s slow by running it manually outside the application (e.g. via linux mysql client)
  • checking what the bottleneck is in terms of system resources: disk or cpu. You can use vmstat/dstat for that while running the slow query in a loop.

The big problem is that I dont know which queries are slow, we have milions running.

How can I log a slow query, is there an option in Manticore (like the slow_query_log in mysql?)

While there isnt a dedicated ‘slow’ log, the normal query log can be used
The total time for the query is logged.

Can filter that manually (with awk or similar) to just get slow queries.

Or can in fact specify a minimum time
so that only slower queries are logged.

thx, exactly what I needed!