Question with `ranker` and use of `expr`

Should I expect different results if I use ranker=bm25 vs ranker=expr('bm25') while retrieving documents?

I am getting different results when I use either. I can provide more details/examples but would like to understand if I am using the ranker and expr correctly.


it could be better to create ticket at github there provide minimal reproducible example with confit, data, queries along with result sets

I’ll create a ticket on github with a minimal reproducible example. But can you confirm that ranker=bm25 and ranker=expr('bm25') are equivalent and should return the same results?

Since it’s said here Manticore Search Manual: Searching > Sorting and ranking

  • bm25 = bm25

which means ranker=bm25 = ranker=expr('bm25')

it should be so. If it’s not true then it’s a bug and should be investigated.

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Raised an issue for this question -