Regexp in SphinxSE & Stopwords not working

How to use Regexp() function in SphinxSE.
Also adding stopwords doesn’t affect any resultset.

Thanks in advance
Adhi J

What are you trying to do with Regexp() ? - its not really clear what you mean.

As for stopwords, again I think we need more detail to understand your issue. You might simply be misunderstanding how it work.

Thanks for the reply & sorry for not making it clear. Hope the below example makes you understood & let me know if I misunderstood those functions.

  1. We have “Adventure” & “Advent” as keywords to match. If I give “Advent” in keyword search it only give results that met “Advent” but not “Adventure”. But after adding in wordforms it will met both results. So is there any functions to met & give both results without adding in wordforms.

  2. Ignore Stopwords - If we search “Bag of words” , then need to match “Bag words”.

  1. That sounds like morphology
    Manticore Search Manual: Creating a table > NLP and tokenization > Morphology
  1. That sounds sound like what stopwords option does.
    Needs setup
    Manticore Search Manual: Creating a table > NLP and tokenization > Ignoring stop-words

If you are using morphology (or wordforms!) may need stopwords_unstemmed

Could also be missing the min_infix_len setting on the table. That was a problem I had with a recent project. I created the table without that setting and only exact matches were allowed. With that setting, partial matches were allowed via asterisk-based syntax. For example:

`SELECT name FROM index_name 
WHERE MATCH('@name *Advent*') LIMIT 50`

Very easy mistake to make. I had created many indexes before but just forgot this setting was needed. Honestly, it should be on by default IMO… it just isn’t enabled by default for whatever reason.