Rename RT index?

Hi there,

I am new to Manticoresearch and I am trying to build a web search for our website. So far, I create an index from a list of URLs which I crawl and extract the necessary information from.

To keep the index up to date, I want to be able to rebuild the index by

  1. create a new index
  2. crawl our URLs
  3. INSERT the information in the new index
  4. once finished, drop the old index and renaming the new index to the old index’ name

(i.e. I want to replace the old index by the new one and having no “down time” while the new index is created).

The documentation mentions “IMPORT table” but this seems only to be working if it’s the same index name. And RELOAD seems to be for plain tables.

Any help is appreciated!

we do not have functionality to rename indexes or create aliases for indexes - you could create ticket at GitHub with feature request to be informed.

For now you could only index data source into plain index with indexer then rotate active index at the daemon with the new index from indexer seamlessly. However this work only with the plain indexes into non-RT mode. Here is topic at the manual about plain index management.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll create a ticket.
In the meantime, I changed my logic such that crawling and inserting into the index is done in two steps. This reduces the down-time quite a bit.