Rotate new information, index

Please help, I have a plain table, I made an indexer --rotate my index, to load the table, now I make an indexer --rotate my index and it is supposed to only load the new data, however this process takes a long time. same as the first, which seems strange to me because the new data is barely 100, can you help me understand this process since the manticore documentation says that it should only index the new data, therefore the time should be much less, which is not It happens because it takes the same 8 hours, please help.

It would be helpful to post something about your hardware and your manticore.conf… I’m seeing about 23 minutes to reindex a 4G table [uncompressed SQL] on my dev setup (W530/16G ram).

You write “plain table” - it can only update completely

real time tables are updated as they are filled

you could use main+delta schema as described at manual however you need to keep track of your new data

you could also can try interactive course on main+delta indexing at