RT index config file

In the documentation it states:

What you can do with a real-time index:

  • Define index in a configuration file

However, I cannot find documentation of where it goes (data_dir I assume) and how to reference this configuration file to be used when searchd starts.

Can someone please point to the docs regarding RT configuration files?
Or is this a documentation error? Can RT index only be created using online methods (CREATE…or JSON api)?


I cannot find documentation of where it goes

It goes to path - Manticore Search Manual: Creating an index > Local indexes > Plain and real-time index settings

Here’s an example of an RT index in plain mode:

index table
    type = rt
    path = /path/where/the/index/files/will/be/stored/
    rt_field  = title
    rt_attr_uint = age
    rt_attr_string = color
    stored_fields = title

    listen = 9315:mysq
    log = searchd.log
    query_log = query.log
    pid_file = 9315.pid
    binlog_path =

Take a look at this interactive course Manticore Introduction in RealTime indexes

Thanks, I got confused between real-time mode and real-time index.
In real-time mode (searchd { data_dir = aaa }), is there no way to define the index beforehand, through a configuration file?

That’s correct. In real-time mode you can use only CREATE TABLE to create indexes. Like in most other databases.